Obi 6 years ago updated by Dan Farrell-Wright 6 years ago 2

One good functionality that can be added is the option for notes to

a. Be assigned to a user

b. Be tagged as open or closed

Also, with the current notes system, if a user tagged a notes category you can go back and change the notes category. However, if the user did not tag a category you cannot go back and add the category. Maybe, if there is a default tag for notes (just like notes from carers are automatically tagged as "Carer Mobile Notes") then that will enable managers to change the tag as required

Also, it would be good if, when entering notes, we can be allowed to tag it to a carer as well. For example, if a service user gives a compliment to a particualr carer, we have to enter it on the the service user's notes and copy and past to the support worker. If we can just tag the note to the support worker and the note also shows up on the support worker notes then this would be a better solution

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