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Food and Fluid Charts

Tim 5 months ago in Mobile Carer App - CareForIT / Notes 0

Timesheet template weekly hours

info 7 months ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication 0

sms module

Obi 6 years ago updated by Amana Munir 9 months ago 0

PRN Medication

gina 1 year ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication updated by Tim 9 months ago 1

Re-order medication date field

Tim Brigham 1 year ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication updated 1 year ago 1

Export to Excel instead of print to PDF

Atta 1 year ago in Pure CareForIT / List view 0

Additional eMAR boxes

Mark 2 years ago in eMar 0

Bulk downloading of Invoices

Severn Sunrise 2 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Finance 0