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Holiday requests

Lian Palmer 5 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication 0

adding a feature for staff to put in requests for annual leave - Currently using Bright HR to do this, so not using any of the current holiday features on CFI as this part of the feature isn't available. Also the ability to manually input holiday amounts, not just accrual, as some of our staff are on salaried and don't accrue leave, but are given full allowance at the start of the year.


SMS pop ups

Howell Hughes 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication updated 5 years ago 1

The SMS message interface pop up each time you log into CareForIT with all the history of correspondence

The only way to remove them is to close down each one individually, which is time consuming.

Would be beneficial if there was a way to close all in one hit.

Howell Hughes 5 years ago

This has been done. When you click to minimise one SMS pop up you are now presented with an option to close all.


Cancelled visit notification

Concerned Well Wisher 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 years ago 1

So we had a scenario recently when a service user (SU) called to cancel their lunch. A member of office staff cancelled the morning and the lunch visit. This meant that a diabetic SU went without a visit until tea time.

Would it be possible to have an alert set up where a text is sent for cancelled visits? So when my colleague cancelled both calls this would have sent the SU, or their family, a text to say the following perhaps?

Dear SU (or family member)

As per your instructions, the morning and lunch call on x date have been cancelled. Please call the office on xxxxx xxx xxx if this is an error and you would like to reinstate the visits.

Kind regards, 
X Care 

I am sure this will also go down well with the CQC and safeguarding teams.


Timesheet template weekly hours

info 4 months ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication 0

Hi guys'

It would be great if we get total hour in the timesheet template that carers have worked as weekly basis. Nevertheless, the total hour shows in the system but whenever I try to print it doesn't show in the timesheet.


Add attachments to bulk email

tiffany 2 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication 0

Would be great to add attachments to emails, like monthly policy sharing and processes for the apps they use 


Notification Schema

howell 2 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication 0

Is it possible to have on the roadmap more notification schemes to include SMS and WhatsApp?

Also to be able to configure lists of multiple people to be notified including notifications from region 1 only going to the region 1 list?


Email cover message

When emailing customer rotas we would like the option to be able to send the majority of them using the bulk emailing option where they are sent with a standard message (eg, Dear XXX, Please find attached your rota for the period XX to YY) but to be able to select others individually and have a box pop up that we can type a personal message into.

trying to invite staff to accept log on invitaions

mchereford 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication 0


Were experiencing problems getting staff to accept invitations sent to their emails so that they can set up your system

We have staff who have changed their emails since we bought into this and no one knows how to change it

We have staff who cannot log in

Also why do we have to continually email you



selina 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication 0

when we are trying to do rotas and the messages keep popping up every 5 minuted is becoming quite annoying and time consuming, as we are having to manually click each one! Please can this be fixed as we have reported this on many occasions and nothing has changed.