Cancelled visit notification

Concerned Well Wisher 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 years ago 1

So we had a scenario recently when a service user (SU) called to cancel their lunch. A member of office staff cancelled the morning and the lunch visit. This meant that a diabetic SU went without a visit until tea time.

Would it be possible to have an alert set up where a text is sent for cancelled visits? So when my colleague cancelled both calls this would have sent the SU, or their family, a text to say the following perhaps?

Dear SU (or family member)

As per your instructions, the morning and lunch call on x date have been cancelled. Please call the office on xxxxx xxx xxx if this is an error and you would like to reinstate the visits.

Kind regards, 
X Care 

I am sure this will also go down well with the CQC and safeguarding teams.