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Medication specific to each call

Ros Darton 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication updated by Stephen Vaughan 5 years ago 3

It would be really helpful and cut down on user error if the medications that are visible to carers are specific to the call they are attending. 

It is also very difficult to make sure that the varying doses of warfarin are clear. we have clients for example who have 3mg Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and 2.5mg on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Maybe being able to highlight in red would help. 

We are also having problems with a medication that is taken every other day. There isn't anyway of checking which day it has been taken and which day it hasn't unless it is written on the notes. It should be possible to make it work within the medication part of the app. 


Medication end date needed

Harley Bird 7 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 years ago 3


Would be good to have an end date for medication.. For example if a service user has an ongoing medication that will end on a particular date it would be good to be able to set an end date..

The issue with setting "Not Required" is firstly that it has to be done on the day so you have to remember to go and end it and secondly when setting "Not Required" the medication appears to disappear off the MAR page completely, even when going back a week, so we loose the history (this maybe simply be a bug though)..




PRN Medication

gina 1 year ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication updated by Tim 8 months ago 1

acknowledgement of PRN medication being given. There is no indicator on app that PRN meds have given. Consequently PRN meds can be selected multiple times in one visit and then appears as an over dose! Numerous of times! This makes compliance very difficult when someone has over dosed! 


identifying when to take medication

mchereford 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication updated by Stephen Vaughan 5 years ago 1


I need to be able for staff to visibly see when to administer medication ie black and white boxes, white is to administer, black is when it is not administered

Putting this information in the comments box may not work and I, as a Manager have to be aware of mistakes and safeguards


Self medication

When there is no medication input on the MAR sheet currently it says "No medication".  Could this be changed to "Self medicates -  no assistance required" and make it stand out a bit more?


Re-order medication date field

Tim Brigham 1 year ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication updated 1 year ago 1

Just been mulling this one over, our service users are on a 4 week rolling prescription which we usually expect our staff to be aware of and reorder as required, they usually remember……! Question, could we add a medication re-order button, much like the


Medication allocation

Marta Meszaros 3 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication 0

As the system allocate medications to not relevant calls (shopping, outreach, domestic, etc) and would be better to have medications at those double up calls where one of the CW spends longer time with the SU, is there would be a good idea if there would be an option when we add the regular visits where we could tick in if the visit has to contain medication. And the system would allocate medications to those visits where it is 'yes'.


Time Critical Call

Tim Brigham 5 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication 0

Could we have the option to make certain medication calls Time Specific/Critical so that the time of the call cannot be altered. Often medication has to be taken at specific times, such as Parkinsons Meds. Maybe a different colour to the call to show it IS time specific.