Medication end date needed

Harley Bird 7 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 years ago 3


Would be good to have an end date for medication.. For example if a service user has an ongoing medication that will end on a particular date it would be good to be able to set an end date..

The issue with setting "Not Required" is firstly that it has to be done on the day so you have to remember to go and end it and secondly when setting "Not Required" the medication appears to disappear off the MAR page completely, even when going back a week, so we loose the history (this maybe simply be a bug though)..



Raised again today - request for a discontinue/end date option to make clearer to clients.

I'm amazed this hasn't come up more/been up-voted more. I've just enquired about it today. 

Current MAR leaves us very poorly covered in terms of CQC compliance and if used exclusively through app is a legal minefield were something tragic to happen and an investigation to take place. There's essentially no record of previous medication/doses of medication when something changes. Any recent changes in medication or doses would be the first thing any investigation would look at and we're currently left with nothing at all.