Medication specific to each call

Ros Darton 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Medication updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 years ago 3

It would be really helpful and cut down on user error if the medications that are visible to carers are specific to the call they are attending. 

It is also very difficult to make sure that the varying doses of warfarin are clear. we have clients for example who have 3mg Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and 2.5mg on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Maybe being able to highlight in red would help. 

We are also having problems with a medication that is taken every other day. There isn't anyway of checking which day it has been taken and which day it hasn't unless it is written on the notes. It should be possible to make it work within the medication part of the app. 

Totally agree, I raised this yesterday with the support desk and was told it isnt possible.  I suggested that all medication should start of highlighted in red for the day and once it has been administered it turns green. This would then allow the next carer to inform the office if the medication hadn't been administered at the previous call for example.