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Under review

Link visit and notes made during the visit.

Harley Bird 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Notes updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 years ago 1

When a note is added by the carer during a visit using the website or mobile app it would be nice to have a direct link to the notes or a display of the recorded notes when reviewing the visit details. 

This would make it much easier to answer queries that relate to a particular visit.. For example when a service user is querying an invoice where the charge is for extra time we could click on the visit and read the notes taken at that visit to find out what happened rather than having to trawl through the notes to find the note that relates to that visit.. 


Change the system so that it wont let you save a note unless the category has been selected.

Sarah 5 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Notes 0

at the moment, if you forget to put the category, you cant add it once its saved, and so its impossible to filter the note out - you have to add it again. And only if you noticed you forgot the category. If you couldnt save the note unless the category had been chosen that would make it much easier. 


Ability to view Client Notes Report using modified date

PeterCC 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Notes 0

Would like to request the ability to be able to select and view  'Client Notes Report' by either the created date or the modified date. Currently the notes are sorted based on date of creation.


Addition of a Note Category once a Note has been saved

David Bird 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Notes 0

Hi, woul dit be possible to build in a function whereby a note category can be added once a note has been saved - at present you can change a category once saved but not add a category if one has not been used.


To be able to add an attachment to notes, for example service user receipts or paperwork

Rhiannon Lewis 4 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Notes 0

When adding a note it would be great if carers could add an attachment to this. Some of our staff shop for individuals or do paperwork for them. They then have to email this over or drop it into the office. If they could add an attachment to the note like a picture or document this would make things a lot easier. 


Emergency Services access to client notes

Howell Hughes 4 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Notes 0

Can we have the facility to allow Ambulance Crews to have 20-30 mins access to Client's Notes. Known as "EMERGENCY GRAB".

Under review

QR code for locations.

Harley Bird 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Notes updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 years ago 2

We schedule meetings and supervisions for carers and set the location to our office.. GPS signal is a bit weak in the office and the mobile app doesn't support non-care visit types which means the only other option for carers to clock in and out is to use the QR code but there is no ability to create a QR code for a location. 

Having a QR code we could print and put in the meeting room would mean carers cold use it as they walk in and out.


Ability to add a Global Note for all staff

garry pettit 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Notes 0

Gary Hayes from One Care DCS would like the ability of a drop down list of other carers when adding a personal or private note, to record what has been discussed with all carer`s, so not having to enter the same note several times against each carer.  Gary does not want to use an e-mail, due it being a private note that carers are not able to view.

Under review

System Alert when a Carer Mobile Log is not submitted against an assignment

Dan Rogers 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Notes updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 years ago 1

Is there any way of the system alerting us when a Carer Mobile Note is not submitted against an assignment? 

We currently have a report that enables us to view all Notes submitted within a date range - however - any means of being able to see which assignments haven't had a note submitted against them would be extremely helpful.