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Call data records needs to be able to match the invoices that we print and generate from this for Ecm.

selina 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

This is an urgent request as the call reports doesn’t work at all and we need to be able to export the invoices to excel or Cvs for rack visit, I have sent over an example of how we need our systems export to look like.

Under review

Hi Selina, the report current works as designed, you have never been able to print.  Your request is for the system to allow you to print call data as a bulk action.  This will need to be firstly concidered and then developed.  



Hi Stephen

Do you know how long this will take as we are not able to meet the contracts requirements as we are not able to send across the data from the system . Aslo the system only picks up minutes and not the seconds either.

We also need to be able to show that if a care worker does under the required time of 0.5 minutes and does 23 minutes their pay will automatically drop to 15 minutes, however the system does not so this.