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Hi Howell, you can provision a location visit which will achieve this.

If you need further information on how to achieve this, please speak with out support team.

Thank-you for your suggestion, this has already been included in the specification for the next version of the Android App, planned for Q1/2 2018.

Hi Howell, thank-you for the suggestion. You are already able to delete a client from the system.

Firstly archive a client from the 'All Client' list by selecting the client and then choosing 'Archive' from the bulk action menu.

Next, from the list of archived clients you can select the client and choose 'Delete Client' from the bulk action menu.

Hi Simon, can you provide further detail about which data you would like to be automated?

Hi Simon, thanks for the suggestion.

I have updated the following report menu->Standard Reports->Client Data Extract to include the Service Start date and Service End Date.



Hi Harley, thanks for the feedback.

A further idea that we have discussed to enhance the existing functionality on the wall is the ability to 'compress' visits.

This would enable you to compress a run of visits so that the time between visits is the exact travel time required (i.e. a visit would finish at 8:30am and the next visit would start at 8:33am - assuming 3 minutes travel time is required).