Your comments

Excellent.. That will be a great help!!

Only comment would be can it be made a % of the screen width so bigger screens get more map and a fair bit higher?

I have been told a fix for this is in the works but it will only work for visits that are cancelled with no charge.. Visits that are cancelled but that do have a charge (i.e late cancellations which are still charged but the carer doesn't attend) will still calculate mileage for the carer which makes no logical sense..

Would be got to have a proper fix that doesn't calculate mileage for visits that aren't attended by a carer..

Hi Dan,

I can see where that would be very useful in a situation where the visit times through the day are not that important.. Of course for this functionality the system probably needs a standard "transit" time as well to allow for getting to the car and getting from the car, maybe 1 or 2 min each side of the google determined travel time which could be a settable parameter in the settings..

In our situation the SU's tend to request a certain time and we do our best to deliver the service at that time.. We tend to use the list view when assigning carers which gives an indication of who is closest to reduce travel time and avoid someone traversing right across town.. We then review on the wall view because the system doesn't automatically make sure there is enough travel time and often there are visits that are back to back.. In this situation it would be good to easily "nudge" the visit to create enough travel time if that is preferable to reallocating the visit to someone else..

I think the two click system as it is is great for allocating work and not so prone to errors the way the list of available carers reorders to show those that are available to cover the visit..

More than a drag and drop to change the assigned carer with this functionality I would like to be able to drag a visit left or right to update the scheduled time.. So a visit can be nudged earlier or later by say 5 min or more to create travel time or make space to fit in another visit..