time capture etc

Elsa 6 years ago in Mobile Carer App - CareForIT 0

that I was wondering if there was some way that we could have the log in and out times captured on the phones like our old system did. When it comes to filling in the diary before you leave you have to put the time and no-one ever remembers the exact time they got there so are ringing office staff to ask. This is also an issue for people who want to stay at the call the exact length of time.

The other issue is that there is no way of knowing a change has been made to your rota. On our old system again a red circle would appear at the top notifying of changes and support workers knew to re fresh there phones. I think this would be another very useful addition if you could do it.

Also if you cancel a call on a support worker you cannot allocate another call in its place if the support workers name is on it even though it is cancelled until you remove the support workers name