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Care plans on Mobile App

Claire Sillito 2 years ago in Mobile Carer App - CareForIT updated by Ibrahim Ali 6 months ago 4

Would it be possible to have care plans displayed on the CareForIT carer app to remove the need for a paper version to be left.

Hi Claire, we are working on giving the mobile carer app access to the data stored in the care plan.  This will be an incremental release of more and more data.  We firstly need to prioritise the fields.  I don't want to allow carers to download the complete careplan on their phone.


I total agree i was lead to believe that this was the case when i signed up for this system and i has expressed on the phonwe to the sales person that i was planning to have my business paper free and they said that this would be the case with this system i am beginning to realize that this is not the case as you have to print everything out .

As part of the Reablement team our service is goal orientated, therefore our therapists/case workers within the team complete goal plans. It would have been beneficial if we could have uploaded these goal plans via CareFor that appear on the mobile app for care staff to read. This would allow us to reduce the usage of printing papers and work towards going paperless.