Add attachments to bulk email

Howell Hughes 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT updated by Concerned Well Wisher 6 years ago 3

I would like the ability to add attachments to bulk emails.


We often have to send out notices to staff (e.g. fire safety notice). Sending it out through Careforit is a really good way of doing this but, at the moment, we cannot attach documents. So, unless we send them out one-by-one then we cannot use this e-mail to send out certain notices

Also, If a carer or client sends a reply to an email sent via CareForIT, and the email has an attachment, can the attachment be saved with the reply in the Notes section?

This would be good. I assume if this happened then it would also save the sent rotas in the notes section to create a trail as opposed to only the last sent rota available as a pdf (I have a separate post for this) ?