Payroll summary option along with the standard CareFor payroll export

Concerned Well Wisher 4 years ago in Brokerage / Finance 0

Does everyone use this standard CareFor Payroll Export when doing payroll? 

If not, may I kindly ask what software you use to make this smaller.

Would a Payroll Summary not be more efficient? 

Am I the only CareFor user that has 17 different job roles?

In my opinion, the summary report is a lot more efficient and more acceptable by payroll departments. The standard payroll export (see above) is flooded by zero cells and all the job roles (columns) and by simply removing these, or having the option to at least, is a no brainer. - for me at least. I know the job roles the staff have and do not require this when doing payroll.

I beg/implore/plead/kindly request you to like this post if you feel the same. I am mentally drained discussing this repeatedly and feel like I am alone in this issue.

ps, 'payroll export' and 'payroll summary' above are links with the relevant files attached.