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Forms on the App

Obi 6 years ago in Mobile Carer App - CareForIT updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 years ago 1

On the app, a support worker can select a service user and press the + sign to bring up forms.

However, the kind of forms that we have there include risk assessments and quality monitoring checks.

Some forms are useful for field care supervisiors and not for other support workers.

Is it possible to limit access to forms based, for example, on the kind of access a user has. So, if they have just the "user access" then they gain access to basic suite of forms. If they have supervisory then they get another suite of forms. If they have Administrator then they get the whole lot.

The devil makes work for idle fingers and we don't want our system flooded with useless forms

Under review

Hi Obi, this makes sense.  We don't have this limit yet, but it is something that will be concidered for coming development