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Improve note notification management

Harley Bird 7 years ago in Pure CareForIT updated by Stephen Vaughan 6 years ago 1


I would like so see improved control over note notifications..

Currently ALL notifications go to the system email address and ALL notes show up on the system alerts dashboard meaning they are not useful because we are not interested in looking at ALL notes recorded by carers. We have simply filtered all notification emails to an unmonitored email address rather than deal with deleting a hundred of emails every day..

My suggestion is that each note type be given it's own email address field to send the notification to (blank means no email is sent) and also each note type have a boolean field to indicate if a notification should be presented in the system alerts block on the dashboard.

In our use care we have an "Office Alert" note type for carers to communicate important information with the office.. Having control over the notifications would mean we could route these to the people that need to deal with them..

It would also be good if the notification email was updated to contain more information..

A subject line of

<note type> - <date> - <service user>

Would be brilliant and the content of the note included within the message body along with a link directly to the note if possible.. On the System Alerts block it would be good to know the note type that was created as well rather than simply know a note was created..

These changes would make the notes and the note notifications far more usable and efficient. 



Under review

There are simularities in these two requirements.  I think Richards suggestion is on the road to your suggestion Harley.