Android App lets you check in/out from anywhere on any day

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We are using the Andriod App for our electronic call monitoring (a requirement with the Local Authority). I love the speed the app provides to check in/out, but it comes at a price. We have found some carers log into calls for the day after. Some of these have been in error and some have been the carer pushing boundaries. The chancers check out of a call when they arrive at the next call.

I know we have a check in/out report (that is how I know so quickly what is happening - thank you), but it would help if we could have some restriction perhaps? Maybe you can not log into a visit that is for tomorrow? Introduce a time sensitivity, an hour +/- of the call? And finally, my personal favourite, lock the coordinates (so you have to be within 100/200 metres of the Service Users location)? 

Every user is different. Some flexibility around this would also be helpful. For example, agency A might like this set up, agency B might want to lock days and set the coordinates to 100m, and agency C might like 200m, whereas agency D would like a sensitivity of +/- an hour when others are happy with 30 minutes +/- of the planned/scheduled time. In short, I suppose what I mean is that I would like to set the parameters depending on my staff.

The current setup requires a full time post to amend times, run the check in/out report, and make the subsequent calls to discipline the carers. Please may we have a fix for this (this is also on my Christmas list)


Hi, there will be quite a few safe guarding in the next release of the Mobile Carer app.

We have added the ability to only checkin for todays visits.

We have added some time sensitivity(as you describe) to only WARN users if they are checking in too late or checking out to early.  However, this time, this has only been implemented as a company wide setting this time.

Your request to LOCK checkin based on distance, will not be implemented, we will however implement a warning, when a carer is x distance away.  The reason for this, is the results from GPS can be inaccurate and we would never want to limit that carer to do their job, we would always record the GPS coordinates of the checkin and out, so you are able to see what the phones GPS has recorded.

I hope that helps.