E-mail distribution

Obi 6 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Communication 0

Hello, Further to my previous feedback about e-mails I would like to add one more. Careforit creates an e-mail address associated with the service user number. So, for example, client 4 will have to following address "client4@lifecarepro.care-for-it.com". Likewise, client 248 will have the following address "client248@lifecarepro.care-for-it.com".

We are aiming to have all communications going directly into theclient's notes. However, If I send an e-mail to client4@lifecarepro.care-for-it.com (for example) from outside of careforit, the e-mail will be allocated to my own notes and not to that of client 4.

Can this be tweaked slightly. It is fine to allocate the message to my notes. But can it also be allocated to client4@lifecarepro.care-for-it.com as well?

Incidentally, If I delete my e-mail from careforit then the message does not get allocated to me. It will get allocated to the notes of client 4