4 Weekly Visit Type (Frequency)

joe 5 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Rotas' updated by Aspire 4 years ago 4

With only the weekly and fortnightly visit types available to use on our system, we could really do with having a 4 weekly visit type due to meeting the support needs of some service users who do only require 1 visit every 4 weeks and with this not currently available on visit frequency it does make it difficult.

We desperately need this also and also monthly. Perhaps something similar to when setting the recurrence of a meeting in an Outlook calendar.

To add further to a four weekly rota, we need to be able to copy current running week's rota for next four weeks in advance at present we are being told this is not possible and we would have to wait until the week is up. Am sure there is away as it would help rostering massively to build a firm foundation to work from.

I agree with Joe. A 4-weekly visit function would make life much easier.

Agreed we have a need for this too