New Support Workers automatically list as non-preferred against all Service Users

Nick Bourne 4 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Rotas' 0

We use the preferred/non-preferred lists of support workers for each of our service users to aid in scheduling. When new support workers are added to the system, they are automatically made available for all service users, which can cause a headache when trying to schedule and is labour intensive having to go into each service user file and remove them from all which they are not suitable for. It would be greatly appreciated if they would automatically be placed into the non-preferred list so we only need to add them to the service users required.

If not possible to do this by default, if there could be a setting to select this when adding new support workers, or even a way of adding them into the lists from the support worker files (so the similar functionality as currently, but selecting the service users rather than support workers)