Report that gives care DELIVERED in any given time span rather than scheduled only. We could then see if our invoicing tallies with care provided.

Tim Brigham 4 years ago in Pure CareForIT / Finance updated by howell 4 years ago 3

We work with live data but the current reports do not give an accurate tally of calls delivered. Planned and scheduled seem to be the same thing? This report would enable us to know what percentage of scheduled calls we will be paid for.

We need to be able to produce a weekly report showing actual delivered hours of care by region/area that will hopefully tally with invoiced hours. 

Using Planned v Actuals you are able to choose regions from a drop down before running the report, but only minutes are recorded and it doesn't summarize the week in the same way client weekly Scheduled hours does.


As part of my role I am responsible for reporting back regarding our service performance information and this involves collating data. At present the CareFor reports are very limited and we hope in the near future we can have a basic report which gives us both planned & actual care hours delivered. 


Hi Ibrahim,

On the CareFor desktop under 

Functions > Monitor 

there is a report named as "Planned Vs Actuals"

From here you are able to choose a period of time, choose staff, service user region, funder and invoiced and the output reports based on the input.

Once report is run you can also download the results to comma separated value CSV file for any further manipulation.

Best Regards

Howell Hughes

Client Engagement Manager