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Hi Ibrahim,

Thank you for the suggestion.

I am pleased to inform you that contact numbers of service users will be available to tap on to call will be in version 1.9 of both the Apple and Android releases.

Please keep an eye on the news section of our support site where nearer the time we will provide release information.

Best Regards

Howell Hughes

Client Engagement Manager

This functionality has been updated you are now able to select all service users across all pages from the service user page.

We are very happy to introduce you to our latest release of CareForIT EBrokerage.

Hi Charlotte,

I'm please to update you that self administer option will be included as part of scheduled development work on medication.

The expected delivery will be in quarter 2 of this year.

Best Regards

Howell Hughes


We are currently in beta testing of our Android and iOS CareFor IT carer mobile app which will have a configurable restriction for multiple check ins. We have the option to warn or prevent the user from checking in to multiple visits. This stops a second visit being checked in to without the first visit being checked out of.

As soon as this is out on general release we will inform you and request that you upgrade all carers to the new app.

The new app will also introduce more configurable settings around checking in and out and the carers location.

When a carer attempts to check in or check out of a visit, the app retrieves the current latitude and longitude of the device and compares this against the latitude and longitude of the visit location. The app will check if the distance between the two locations is within the acceptable radius. The radius can be set on an individual basis per visit location address.


There are three options that can be used to handle the check in and check out logic
mentioned above:

● Off - this option allows the carer to check in/ check out to a visit with no warning or
prevention regardless of their given location.
● Warning - this option will use the above logic and if the carer is outside of the
acceptable radius, the app will warn the user, but crucially, allow them to continue to
check in or check out (see reports section below).
● Strict - this option will use the above logic and if the carer is outside of the acceptable
radius, the app will prevent the user from continuing, showing an explanation that
they are too far away from the location to proceed with the action.

These warnings can be set separately for check in and check out. There are two options
available, which allows flexibility, for example, to be strict on check in but more lenient on
check out.

In effect, the above settings allow the system to be as relaxed or as strict as required. Using a combination of the settings, along with differing radius's, dependant on the quality of GPS signal in a given location, this should provide a flexible solution to become more sure of a carer’s location on check in and check out.

If warning is selected as the appropriate setting on check in and/ or check out, a report can be generated which, using similar logic as stated above, will check the latitude and longitude of the visit location address and compare it to the latitude and longitude recorded on check in and check out. When taking into account the set radius, the report can flag up any carers
who were warned that they were too far away but ultimately, overrode that warning and continued regardless.

In conclusion, by combining check in and check out settings, individual property radius's and relevant reports, it’s very possible to provide a solution where all visits that are being dealt with via the CareForIT Carer app are precisely recorded and those that were interacted outside of the permitted radius are very prevalent.

As soon as this is released we will inform you and request that you upgrade all carers to the new app.

Please keep an eye out on our new section of the support site to keep up with the latest updates.

Best Regards

Howell Hughes

Client Engagement Manager

Hi Tina,

This functionality is available in CareForIT. Under the settings menu > Assignment Types > you can tick the assignments you no longer need click on bulk actions delete assignment type click Go.

Best Regards

Howell Hughes

Thank you for your valued feedback and suggestion. This is something we can achieve but will require code changes, which are not currently planned. 

It will however be considered for updating in the future software roadmap for the mobile app, should we receive sufficient interest and votes on this subject.

Thank you for using userecho.

This has been done. When you click to minimise one SMS pop up you are now presented with an option to close all.

Hi Gina, 

Thank you for your feedback.

The day of the week is now show next to the date on the CareFor IT Mobile App

Best Regards


Thank you for your feedback regarding being able to click on telephone number to dial. This is currently under review with our mobile app developer. This would be a great feature. I know I have used it many times when looking something up on google, finding a telephone number and being able to click and dial. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Once I have any further information I will endeavour to keep you informed.