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This alert would help rota team greatly and also those carers who only want 16 hours a week.

Just seen a demo from a competitor and they have 2nd carer details against a double handed visit and each carer are allowed to message each other if they are either running late or have completed a visit ahead of time, why can Care For It have this, it would make life so easy for carers and office staff.

It would be a good idea if there was a contact list of all carers contact details for carers to have access to on the App

Drag and Drop with ability to nudge visits would really help for rosttering and carers for travel time

To add further to a four weekly rota, we need to be able to copy current running week's rota for next four weeks in advance at present we are being told this is not possible and we would have to wait until the week is up. Am sure there is away as it would help rostering massively to build a firm foundation to work from.