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We desperately need this also and also monthly. Perhaps something similar to when setting the recurrence of a meeting in an Outlook calendar.

We'd like this too. Or even just a drop down where you can select how the customer paid e.g. BACS, Card, Cheque, Cash

Since Dan's request for this functionality (and Anthony's as well) GDPR has been introduced which includes in Principle (e): Storage Limitation:

* You must not keep personal data for longer than you need it.

* You should also periodically review the data you hold, and erase or anonymise it when you no longer need it.

At present we're not in a position to comply with the law. Please can we have the functionality to be able to delete staff / PAs / Carer records in the same way that customer records can be deleted.

Thanks very much.

We'd ideally like to be able have a week to view on the staff and customer walls.

We third that. For both customer and staff schedules/rota. Even if the attachments are only saved for a time period. For us, one month would be fine. 

Similarly, we'd like to be able to print a monthly MAR chart rather than several weekly ones.