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When you choose this, you are still presented with every service user making the option to do so redundant. I find myself going through scores of pages to choose invoices to generate as the majority have a zero balance as they are funded by the other funders.

If I chose self funded and were only presented with clients that only had self funded visits in that period then I would be able to generate all my invoices from one page, saving myself a lot of time.

If I increase the rows per page then it takes a long time to generate and I still do not get everyone on one page - we have over 100 clients.

We pay by the minute so I hope that you would be given the option to activate this, or not.  

I agree with Joe. A 4-weekly visit function would make life much easier.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for the response. I hope you are well.

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Displaying the number may take up valuable space. Would it be better to create a hyperlink of their name I wonder? When you click the name it calls the number?

So my colleague has deactivated a carer and all her visits have disappeared. I am about to do payroll and do not have a way to work out what this carer has done? I only have the last emailed rota and support have advised me to go through all the daily schedules to figure it out - not a happy chappy right now.

This needs to be changed, or made crystal clear in training.

Yes please!! I think support may be getting a little sick of my voice :'(

This would be good. I assume if this happened then it would also save the sent rotas in the notes section to create a trail as opposed to only the last sent rota available as a pdf (I have a separate post for this) ?

Thank you Stephen. Would it be possible to have emojis please? It would save me a lot of time finding a monkey.